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RO Water Plants Bangalore

We have incorporated several world – class renowned equipment / instruments that are time tested . Almost care is taken for selection of proper material of construction for each component in "Krystal R.O System". This is so because we believe that appropriate selection of material is vital in such a sophisticated system.

Features Of Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • “Desal” of M/s Osmonics, USA; “Filmtec” of M/s DOW, USA and M/s Hydranautics, USA, all these Membranes are made up of World Class State of Art Technologies. We preferred it for its reliability and consistent performance.
  • Excellent silica rejection
  • Low operating pressure reduces power cost.
  • Low operation and maintenance cost compared to other conventional systems supplied by others.
  • Resistant to Bacteria / Biological attack.

Anti scalant Dosing In RO Pretreatment

We are using special polymer based Anti scalants in the RO pretreatment against softening or acid dosing to control the scaling on the RO membranes.

  • This anti scalant dosing system will have lower operation cost. As softening unit for such a big flow will be difficult to manage in terms of size of softener, the amount of salt to be handled, brine saturation tank with mixing facility to be provided etc.
  • No use of DG system in post treatment as anti scalant is neutral in nature
  • The anti scalant is highly effective in controlling scale formation due to carbonates, sulphates and metallic oxides precipitation within membranes.
  • Anti Scalant provides longer runtimes between systems cleans resulting in extended membrane life and reduced operating cost.

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