7000 LPH SS Industrial RO Plant

The 7000 LPS SS Industrial RO Treatment Plant is designed to produce product water at the flow rate of 7000 LPH based on Reverse Osmosis Technology.

RO Water Plants Bangalore

The 7000 LPS SS Commercial / Industrial RO Water plants are considered as the most cost effective water treatment system. It cleans the water from contaminants and removes non essential, metals, corrosive salts and chemicals present in the water.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION - 7000 LPH SS Industrial RO Water Treatment Plant

1 Feed Water Pump
2 Pressure Sand Filter
3 Activated Carbon Filter
4 Anti Scalant Dosing System (If raw water TDS is more than 1000 ppm)
5 Cartridge Filter Housing
6 Micron Cartridge Filter
7 Pump
8 Pressure Tube
9 Membrane

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